FAQ's - Frequently Asked Self Storage Questions & Answers

How far in advance should I reserve my storage vaults?

As soon as you know when you need them, but no less than three business days in advance and sooner during busy end-of-the-month moving days.


How big of a storage unit do I need?

That depends on how many things you want to store and how big they are. For help estimating your storage needs, ask one of our expert storage advisors.

When does the rental period begin?

Rental fees begin the day you move into your storage unit. You will be billed monthly based on your anniversary date and your charges will be prorated when you are ready to move out.

What hours are you open?

Hours vary by location. It's best to call in advance to verify our hours. Holidays may also vary. Contact us here

How do I order supplies for storing my things?

Just fill in the blanks for supplies when you make your reservation. You can order professional labor, too.

Should I buy insurance?

Check your homeowner's policy. If off-site storage is covered, then you may not need anything additional. But if it isn't covered, you may need to purchase some extra coverage. For your convenience, we offer low-cost insurance protection for your things while you store them with us.

When is the rent due?

Rent is due on the anniversary date for every month.

Will I receive an invoice?

Typically not. For most customers, rent is due on the anniversary date, just like any other rental agreement. For your convenience, you can establish an automatic payment plan by providing us with the necessary credit card information. Once you are setup on automatic payment, SYT will automatically bill you for your monthly storage on your anniversary date, protecting you from any chance of a late payment fee.

Will you share my personal information with anybody?

No, we will not sell your customer information to a third party without your consent, except to our own business partners who will protect your privacy as carefully as we do.

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